High-Definition Ultrasounds

Take your baby’s first picture by letting us capture his or her image in your womb. The skilled OBGYNs at Saint Vincent and MetroWest offer 3D ultrasounds. Get excited about your new child by seeing the image in high definition. Even though we also take standard pregnancy ultrasounds, parents find that our 3D scans are quite impressive.

For instance, regular 2D scans can be grey and blurry. That is, this type of sonography actually sees right through your baby – only capturing the outline and bones. It is very useful for us, but not as impressive for parents. The equipment and software we use for our high-definition ultrasounds allow you to see your baby’s skin, as well as the mouth, nose, and other tissues. It makes the joy of becoming a parent so much more real and special.

Pregnant Woman

What Is a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Years ago, parents weren’t able to see their babies until the birth. With the invention of sonography, ultrasounds were born. Now, due to even more modern technology, you are able to see your baby with clarity and precision. A 3D pregnancy ultrasound takes multiple 2D images from various angles and puts them together to create an accurate picture of your baby.

For the most part, there is no medical benefit of 3D ultrasounds over standard 2D images. Still, the high-definition images can sometimes be helpful in recognizing potential problems, such as physical abnormalities and cleft palates.

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Why Are Pregnancy Ultrasounds Important?

Wellness checkups are important for everyone, including your unborn child. Pregnancy ultrasounds use sonography (sound waves) to determine your baby’s images. They help us determine a number of factors pertaining to your baby’s health, such as size, sex, physical abnormalities, and location in the womb. It even checks your baby’s heartbeat. You’ll need to set up an ultrasound schedule if you have diabetes, hypertension, or other medical complications.

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