Pacemaker Doctors in Worcester

Get your life back by keeping your heart in check. Our pacemaker doctors in Worcester implant these devices to help regulate an irregular heart rate. In addition, the procedure does not require open-heart surgery. In fact, most people are able to return home within 24 hours. If you have arrhythmia, bradycardia (slow heart rate), or other conditions that causes your heart to beat erratically or slowly, you may be a candidate for a pacemaker.

Our pacemaker doctors are leaders in providing high-quality cardiac surgical care. In addition, you’ll find that we are very patient centered. As a dedicated team of cardiology surgeons and physician assistants, we offer individualized care, communicating with you and your primary care physician and working closely with your family throughout the surgical process.

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What Are Pacemakers?

Pacemakers are small electronic devices that are placed in the chest area to help regulate abnormal heart rhythms. This device uses electrical pulses that cause the heart to beat at a normal rate. Pacemakers are used to treat problems with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Pacemaker surgery is relatively simple and minimally-invasive.

If you suffer with arrhythmia, your heart will beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm. This could cause serious health problems over time, including extreme fatigue, chest pains, coronary heart disease, and even heart failure. A pacemaker will keep your heart beating properly. In turn, it helps your body receive the blood and oxygen it needs.

Senior Couple

For some people, a pacemaker is only needed for a short time. This is common after someone has a heart attack. For these types, the battery unit for this type can be worn on a belt.

Heart Transplant Specialists

Let us give you another chance at life. If you are a candidate, our highly skilled heart doctor can give you a heart transplant. During this surgery, our surgeon removes a person's diseased heart and replaces it with a healthy one from a deceased donor. For patients who have end-stage heart failure, this is the only option to extend their lives.

As modern medicine has progressed, we have seen improved survival rates for patients receiving heart transplants, especially in the first year after the transplant. About 90% of patients survive at least one year after heart transplant surgery. The three-year survival rate is 75%. And 60% of heart transplant recipients live more than five years after surgery.

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