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What Is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition that has the potential to impact every aspect of a woman’s life. Even though the exact cause has not been discovered, its effects are apparent for most women. It is a condition where endometrial cells, similar to the lining of uterus, are located outside of the uterus. To some women, it feels like painful blisters are inside the pelvis. Symptoms are varied and often unpredictable but include:

  • Heavy or Painful Periods
  • Lower Abdomen or Pelvic Pain
  • Pain During or after Sex
  • Bleeding between Periods
  • Difficulty Getting Pregnant
  • Persistent Exhaustion & Tiredness
  • Discomfort When Using the Toilet

Endometriosis Treatment: Help for the Hurting

Don’t suffer in silence when our endometriosis doctor can provide relief through treatment. Fortunately, we have many solutions at our disposal to alleviate your suffering and lessen your symptoms. From pain medications and hormone treatment to surgery, we work with you to determine the best endometriosis treatment based on your particular case.

Most importantly, our gynecologists understand that no two women are alike. That’s why we follow a patient-centered approach to health care. We see you as our partner in determining the best course of action for you. At the same time, we use evidenced-based and collaborative, coordinated care to treat your condition.

Endometrial Ablation Doctor for Abnormal Menstruation

Millions of women suffer with abnormal menstruation. When medical and hormonal therapies have not been effective at controlling bleeding, our endometrial ablation doctor can help. Endometrial ablation removes the lining tissues of the uterus to treat abnormal bleeding.

After surgery and healing, you will experience a significant reduction in blood flow during your menstrual cycle. Some women stop having periods altogether. It’s important to consult with our endometrial ablation specialists if you are considering this procedure. It should not be performed if you want to get pregnant in the future. Schedule an appointment with our physicians for diagnostic tests if you think you may have endometriosis.

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